Poem for a Friend

by Linda B.

Poetry copyright Linda Bristow, 1999

 The sun slowly lowers in the western sky,
 as sadly to my dear friend, I bid farewell and goodbye.
 Who decides the time we have to live, mature and grow,
 and who decides the time when we have to say, "It is now I must go"?
 For many a year I have lived upon this planet called Earth,
 a journey of friendship, love, tears and a child's wondrous birth.
 I have followed my heart and treated all men equal and fair,
 and yes many a time that cross has been difficult to bear.
 Good friends have helped me through these long, sometimes lonely years,

and with each of their passing I can't help but shed for them some of my tears.
 I feel sadness and immense bittersweet sorrow,
 to know that from today I'll never see my friend in the morrow.
 I am however grateful for one thing on this sad and bleak day,
 of that we were good friends for many a fine day.
 So go with good speed to that place upon high,
 and join those I love dearly who have already passed me by.
 I know not when I will join you and one day it must be,
 but until then your memory will stay alive, forever within me.

The End
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