Life Comes


By KathyAnn


“Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances.” Unknown


Author’s note: This is an epilogue to the first season episode “Brush Fire”




He stood at the window staring – not seeing what was on the other side of the glass but remembering. He remembered the smell of the smoke and the crackle of the flames as they devoured everything in sight. He remembered the cacophony of sounds from the engines and hoses and shouting men as the fire raged closer.


But most of all, he remembered the sounds from inside the house: the anguished cry from the mother as she endured the pain of giving birth. He could hear the fear in her voice as she asked how close the fire was and told them she was unable to reach her husband. Then he remembered that most beautiful sound of her baby’s first cry, loud and strong.


He remembered he and his partner bundling up mother and child on the gurney and the mad dash through the smoke and ash and falling embers from the house to the ambulance that had finally arrived. He remembered the ride to Rampart, continuing to monitor both patients. He will never forget the look of awe and wonder on the mother’s face as she gazed at her baby.


He shook himself and really looked through the window into the hospital nursery. His eyes search out one particular baby. He found him and a smile began to form on his face. Jonathan Roy Hughes is sleeping peacefully. He’s a strong one, with parents who will love him and teach him and nurture him. Life comes – and they’ll be ready for it.




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