The Rifleman 

Lucas McCain always cocked his Winchester with one hand before he used the gun in rapid-fire action to fight off outlaws in the Old West. That's how McCain became known as "The Rifleman". When Lucas wasn't helping his friend Marshall Micah Torrence maintain law and order, he was raising his son Mark by himself on their ranch. Read the adventures of Lucas, Mark, and their friends as they work and fight to build their lives in dangerous times.

Leaving Childhood Behind by Deanne

A Father's Fear by Deanne

The Sound of Silence by Deanne

The Desert Trail by Deanne

Living by Deanne

June 3rd by Deanne

Fear by Deanne

And Death Waited...  by Deanne

One Came From Denver by Deanne

The Road Home by Deanne

The Longest Night by Deanne

The Right Path by Deanne

The Return of Johnny Drako by Deanne

Healing... by Deanne

(The Return of Johnny Drako, Part II)

A New Day by Deanne

(sequel to "Before Your Time...)

Before Your Time... by Deanne

The Final Witness by Deanne

(What Happened Next for the episode "The Second Witness")

A Simple Promise by Deanne

(Based on the episode "Two Ounces of Tin")

A Deadly Guilt by Deanne

(Based on the episode "The Raid")

Before The Debt... by Deanne

(prequel to the episode The Debt)


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