If you like stories about Bonanza, then Cheaux's stories are just right for you. Read her tales about the adventures of Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe both on and off the Ponderosa, and then let her know how much you like them!

First Step

Someone To Watch Over Him

(What Happened Instead for the episode "Bushwhacked")

Eternal Justice

(What Happened Instead for the episode "Justice")

One Candle

(A What Happened Instead for the episode "Five Candles")

As If

The Truth Hurts

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Blink of an Eye


Clothes Make the Man


Best Laid Plans

A Matter of Intent

(A What Happened Next for "A Matter of Circumstances")

My Lucky Day

Purls of Wisdom

A Broken Resolution

Choices Trilogy

            Choices (revised)

             Shadows (revised)


The Way Home

The One That Got Away

Staying the Course

What Kind of Man

The Commitment


Pride of a Woman

(A What Happened Next of the episode "Pride of a Man")

Last Chance

High Stakes

(A What Happened Next for the episode "The Gamble")

The Devil (and Angels) Among Us

(Missing Scene from Season 12’s “The Night Virginia City Died”)

The Ring


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Angel Light

(What Happened Next for Twilight Town)

Calendar Girl

Things That Go Bump In the Night

The Greatest Gift

To Reach for the Stars

A Different Wind

(What Happened Next for Different Pines, Same Wind)

My Father's Heartbeat



On the Death of Dan Blocker


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