Barbara writes tales of the Cartwrights' adventures in the old West. Her stories are mostly Bonanza stories, but a few of her tales are based on Ponderosa, the Bonanza prequel. Read all of her stories and tell her how much you enjoy them!

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Fade to Black

In The Pines

One Bad Day

Skin Deep

(A "Ponderosa" Dialogue)


(A "Ponderosa" Dialogue)

The Spell



A Degree of Blame

Cabin Fever

Searching for Joseph


The Storm

The Letters - The Conclusion

Adam in Wonderland

The Correspondence -- A series of letters between Adam and Ben

                                                                         Letter from Adam, Dated July 31, 1869

                                                                         Letter from Ben, Dated September 19, 1869   

                                                                         Letter from Adam, Dated February 6, 1870            

                                                                         Letter from Adam, Dated April 29, 1870

                                                                         Letter from Ben, Dated June 6, 1870

                                                                         Letter from Adam, Dated October 5, 1870

                                                                         Letter from Ben, Dated January 13, 1871

                                                                         Letter from Adam, Dated May 28, 1871

                                                                         Letter from Ben, Dated August 31, 1871

                                                                         Message from Adam, Dated April 15, 1872

                                                                         Message from Ben, Dated May 16, 1872

                                                                         Message from Adam, Dated May 17, 1872


The Price


The Rewards of Kindness


Adam's Rib

Pride & Promises


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